Monday Nights are for Pasta

Monday Nights are for Pasta

When Danio Somoza, Executive Chef at 99 Sea Level in Bethany Beach, decided to do a pasta night for his restaurant, he knew that he wanted to really go all out. When it comes to planning pasta dishes, there are nearly endless possibilities, but to make it something extra special, there was only one way to go: homemade.

Making homemade pasta is no easy feat. While the ingredients and even the method may seem simple, the simplicity can be deceptive because there is no room for error. Pasta is a beloved dish, and everyone has an expectation of how it should taste. The challenge was not only to create handmade pasta that would pass the test, but to then add to that a little something extra: making it gluten free so it could be enjoyed by everyone.

After months of practice, Somoza has cracked the code and is now cranking out beautiful, colorful bowls of perfect pasta waiting to be devoured every Monday night. From tubular bucatini to classic penne, he’s covered the gamut of shapes and sizes, made with corn and rice flour. The combination gives a terrific al dente “bite” as they say, with the flour combination having a very similar texture to semolina flour, classically used in pasta making.

While the pasta is innovative and paired with creamy, cheesy sauces and topped with combinations like scallops, shrimp, and shimeji mushrooms or wagyu beef bolonesa, the price points are equally as impressive. Everything served on Monday’s pasta menu is $20 or under. There is even a “build your own” flavor menu where you can choose everything from the pasta shape to the sauce and toppings.

There is something for everyone at Bella Pasta Night, and it’s homemade pasta so good, you will be coming back for more! Sit down to ocean views, beautiful pasta dishes and of course, the most extensive wine list in Bethany Beach, only at 99 Sea Level, where you can sip and savor seaside. For more information, visit us on Facebook or at