Fall: The Perfect Time For In-Home Catering From 99 Sea Level

Fall: The Perfect Time For In-Home Catering From 99 Sea Level

With the pace of the summer months at the beach, we all know how challenging it can be to connect with friends and loved ones. Once Labor Day is over and September rolls around, the weather is cooler and the days become more laid back. It’s the perfect time of year for re-engaging with your local friends.

Director of Operations for 99 Sea Level in Bethany Beach, Donna Serafini knows the fall season is a time locals love. “We all work so hard in-season.” Serafini says, “Now is our time of year to celebrate a job well done, and visit with our long-lost, local friends.”

Hosting a dinner party is a great way to extend a delicious meal into a full evening of socializing, but it can be a challenge to play host and enjoy yourself when you’re also responsible for cooking. That’s why 99 Sea Level offers an upscale catering experience for you and your guests. They take a dinner party and elevate it to the next level, leaving you free to enjoy yourself and be the guest at your own event.

Similar to the Sip and Savor coursed wine dinners offered at the 99 Sea Level restaurant location, Chef Danio Somoza lends his culinary ingenuity and Donna Serafini brings her wine pairing prowess, and they create a dining event that will indulge your senses.

It’s more than a dinner party— it’s a shared dining experience you and your guests will relish. The luxury of having a chef come into your home, cook, and converse on the meal, gives your event distinction. These catered, coursed meals are tailored for maximum enjoyment of both the food and the wine. Serafini and Somoza love working together to enhance the flavors of the food and wine when served together, and it can be quite eye-opening for diners who might not have thought of some of their pairings.

If you have a dinner party of 10-30 people, 99 Sea Level’s coursed, in-home catered meals are a fabulous way to enjoy fine dining from the comfort of your home. Why not treat yourself? After all, you’ve worked hard all summer, and you deserve to kick back, relax and be a guest at your own dinner party.

To book your catered culinary experience with 99 Sea Level, call today and ask for Donna Serafini. 302-539-0299.