99 Sea Level Unveils Summer Menu | Bethany Beach Finer Dining

99 Sea Level Unveils Summer Menu | Bethany Beach Finer Dining

Danio SomozaExecutive Chef Danio Somoza has carefully crafted his new summer menu, and is excited to share it with guests at 99 Sea Level. “I’ve brought a lot of local focus to the menu.” Somoza explains, “from strawberries to asparagus, blueberries and the Ocean City scallops, this menu hones in on our area and showcases the ingredients.”

Because some ingredients, like the mizuna, a spicy, leafy green with hints of apple flavor, are only available from June to September, his menus change frequently to accommodate in-season, local produce and seafood. One of Somoza’s specialities is helping to bring out natural flavors by adding to them thoughtfully —like the perfect vinaigrette that allows a diner to taste the nuance of a salad. “The right vinaigrette with the right leafy green brings out the flavors.” He cites the relationship between a strawberry vinaigrette and spinach, which allows you to taste everything without anything in the pairing being over powered.

It is his attention to the detail which is infused in every dish that Somoza creates. From the flatbread dough that is made in-house to their new cheeseboard and decadent smoked fish board, the succulent day boat scallops, and even gluten free and vegan options, Somoza pours himself into every dish to give the diners an optimal local culinary experience. He also switches up mainstays like the soups, mussels, and even lobster mac and cheese so that they are tailored for the summer season.

If Somoza is the maestro of 99 Sea Level, then Director of Operations, Donna Serafini, would be the first violinist. In addition to manning the ship, she also hand selects the wines for 99 Sea Level. She and Somoza work in concert to form perfect pairings, and it’s with a shared vision that the menu and wine list come to form a symphony. “I envision the open table, filled with Danio’s beautiful food.” Serafini muses, “everyone is tasting the entrees, paired with their wines and it becomes a shared culinary, group experience.”

Come and discover the new menu and the extensive, rotating wine list at 99 Sea Level in Bethany Beach. 99 Sea Level is on its summer schedule, and are now open seven days a week, Monday through Thursday from 11AM-9PM and Friday through Sunday 10AM- 11:30PM with a late night menu being served in the ladder hours. They have music on Mondays, Fridays, and some Wednesdays, along with happy hour specials Monday through Friday 2-5PM.